Michael B. Porterfield

Tartan Properties Commercial

I first began working with Angela over three years ago at a very low point in my health.  I was suffering from very acute back pain, having been diagnosed with spondylolisthesis.  I have been an athlete all my life, and now kicking a soccer ball in the yard with my son was painful.  I had tried everything to improve my situation and was ready to give up and have surgery.  At the urging of my sister, who is a doctor I tried Pilates to find some relief and keep off the operating table and thank goodness I found Angela.  It started slow and I was a humble student.  Angela used her background as a physical therapist to tailor the exercises and some of the movements to what I needed to strengthen my spine.  Within a month of regular training I saw a dramatic reduction in pain and an increase in my ability to move freely.  Angela has a great understanding of human mechanics and taught me many other life movement skills that are keeping me going today, from how to propertyl pick something off the floor to how to stand when brushing your teeth.  Thanks to Angela, I have avoided surgery and live the active life that I am accustomed to.  I would whole heartedly endorse Angela to anyone that needs rehabilitative work or wants to improve their physical core strength through Pilates training.  Angela Rice has the expertise, caring and skills to improve you!


I have been working with Angela on a weekly Pilates session for over two years.  It's a perfect compliment to other workouts but one specifically focused on core strength and flexibility.   There is no way I could replicate these sessions independently or in a gym without her guidance and equipment.  Significantly, I have seen significant improvement in my health. Notably, core strength and flexibility have been extremely beneficial to my golf game that is all about the benefits found from a regular Pilates routine.